Enhancing Competency For Your Future

Community Learning is designed for you to improve your competency of the software you use every day. Join a hub of activity, exclusively for clients of SOS Legal and Linetime.

Community Learning

Community Learning is your platform to discuss, collaborate and learn. Whether you use SOS or Linetime, you’ll find constantly evolving content to help you maximise the use of your chosen system through forums and courses. 

The Community Forums

The forum is designed for you to share ideas, collaborate with your peers and discover release notes for the latest updates. Here, you will also be brought up to date with regular communications and new releases.

Courses To Improve Competency

With our systems now opening access to all areas, we are presenting firms with courses designed to improve knowledge of their chosen system. Complete the courses within Community Learning and you’ll receive a certificate to show when you’ve passed each course.

Here For Your Future


Collaborate with your peers and discover how other firms are using the software using the Forum. Contribute to existing topics or start your own.

Improve knowledge

With our rich software, it's impossible to know everything so why not improve your knowledge with our range of educational courses

Train new users

If you have new users to your firm, why not point them at Community Learning. where they can discover features and functions of the software.

Ensure deeper competency

With access to all areas of your chosen system, we're providing courses designed to improve your competency in the software.

Chat with others

Our built in messaging functionality means you can post questions, ideas and more with all members of the Community Learning.

Supporting your firm

We're dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled level of service. It's all about Community so why not discover more

Improving Understanding With Community Learning

Built for users to improve their knowledge of your chosen software.